AI Solutions for Investment and Wealth Management, Powered by IBM Watson.

Gain competitive advantage through the use of AI in research, alpha generation, and risk management. With its global coverage of securities and asset classes, QuantumStreet AI offers a comprehensive AI platform for professional investors.

Your AdvantagePerformance. Efficiency. Speed.

Using IBM Watson and proprietary AI models, analyze millions of news articles and alternative data sources along with conventional financial and market data. Derive actionable insights fast. Cut down data and technology costs. Stay ahead of the game. Consistently.

No-code PlatformMultiple Assets. Multiple Themes. Global Platform.

Process market signals, news articles, social media posts, and other data for over 50,000 publicly traded global companies and asset classes. Create and run models in no time. 

Over $5 Billion
Assets directly managed on the platform.
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Global news articles and alternative data sources analyzed each day.

AI PLATFORMWell defined platform delivery

Portfolio as a Service (PaaS): Co-created indices and baskets.
Software as a Service (SaaS): License the platform for internal use.

OfferingsPowered by AI.                Driven by You.

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Global companies and asset classes analyzed
Global languages covered